I regularly study and attend courses to ensure I can provide you with the best possible care and massage therapy services. But what matters most are your results and experience.

Has the Magic Touch
"I began as a chair massage client, and very quickly fell prey to Tracy's magic hands in hour-long table massages. I tell her all the time that if I won the lottery, hers would be the first salary I'd pay for round-the-clock service. Tracy is a master with her hands; I've never left her office feeling she could have done more. Whether I need the massage a little lighter one day or a little harder a different time, she knows how to fix it all. I would highly recommend anyone try her services, especially before I find that winning lottery ticket."

Angie B.
Seattle, WA

Recharges Body and Soul
"My husband and I visit Tracy faithfully every month. The relaxation and healing of her magic hands have an incredible impact on our physical and mental well-being. The minute I step in to her studio, I start to feel calm. Her soothing music, handcrafted lotions, and therapeutic touch allow me to recharge body and soul. In today's busy world, the tranquility Tracy provides is a powerful gift."

Elizabeth G.
Seattle, WA

Feels Whole and Relaxed
"With all the responsibilities of running a small business weighing on my shoulders, within a couple of weeks my back needs some major attention. After a session with Tracy, my whole body feels pain free and ready to take on business and life once again."

"I would recommend Tracy LeMoine's talented massage work to anyone who wants to feel whole and relaxed again... this is her gift."

David Templeton, Musician
Seahurst, WA

Wonderful Massages - 110 Percent Service!
I want to take this opportunity to say how wonderful the massages are that Tracy LeMoine gives. I have been to several massage therapists and I have found only one other massage therapist that I think was as good as Tracy. She was working at a spa at a mineral springs south of Carson City, Nevada. Even the massages received in Vegas and on cruises do not hold a candle to Tracy's. She finds out what areas need special attention and works to give relief for those areas. She gives 110 percent service. I am very happy with the massages I receive from her. It is worth every penny in how good I feel. I first met Tracy when she was working downtown Seattle at a chiropractor's office a few years ago. Thanks for listening.

Ruth G.
Seattle, WA

Great for my Body and Spirit
I have been seeing Tracy every month for my massages for the past two years. I have noticed a change. It has been great for my body and spirit. It feels so wonderful. I cannot wait until my next appointment. Tracy is so professional and she makes you feel comfortable.

Kay H.
Des Moines, WA

Instrumental in Healing from Car Accident
Tracy was instrumental on getting my muscle problems under control after the trauma from a car accident and other setbacks to my health. She takes her therapy very seriously which can only benefit her clients. Now I am working toward exercising again due to her work.

Margaret J. F., RDH, MS
Dental Hygiene Educational Consultant
Burien, WA

Monthly Massages Help Body Feel Better and Better
I get monthly massages from Tracy and each time my body feels better and better. Tracy's attention to detail from the moment I arrive to the end of the hour is amazing. Tracy is a very skilled masseuse with magic hands. She is worth every dollar, try it… you'll love it.

Barbara A.
Seattle, WA

Relief from Headaches, Shoulder and Hip Pain
Hi, Tracy!
I can't thank you enough for the work you've done for me with massage. And I feel twice blessed because you not only helped relieve the pain in my left shoulder and hip, I've had the privilege of your massage alleviating headaches, too!

Thank you so much for showing me how beneficial massage can be, especially for things like migraines. I've been taking medication for them for years and, boy, if I can squeeze a massage in over taking a pain pill, I'd much rather see you. When I take a pain pill, it only numbs the pain and makes me sick to my stomach. If there is availability to see you, almost every time, the headache is gone - I just have to remember to drink my water!

Joy Michelle B.
Burien, WA

Whether you are looking for relief from aches and pains or want to rejuvenate and relax, many people get relief with massage therapy. Learn more about our services and specials or call 206-226-3681 for more information and to schedule a session.